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Crafty writer, strategic thinker, curious learner.


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  1. Robin Walker on said:

    My name is Robin, I am an LPN. I care for dementia patient every day. I pray I don’t get it. I have stressful days when I can’t remember silly things. By the time my work day is over, I really have a time with my memory. When I am rested and not stressed, I am fine. Thank God. I worry at times. My grandfather died with Alzhiemer’s Disease. I always wondered if someone else in the family would get it. I am so sorry for you and your family. I pray you stay strong and patient with your loved one.

    • Robin, it is likely everybody’s biggest fear. I was thinking about this last night while watching a documentary about Zionist Jews who emigrated to Tel Aviv during the height of Nazi Germany. My thought was: well, I’d rather die with dementia than go to a ghetto/concentration camp and be exterminated. My mother has many, many good moments, and I’m most certainly going to write about those, too. And don’t worry about forgetting things. Everybody forgets. Dementia doesn’t work that way. If one day you can’t draw the face of a clock by hand, or you no longer know how to use your microwave, then that’s another story. Likely you are stressed with a job in health care that is highly demanding. Thanks for reading and please take care, be well, and do good work.

  2. I love your blog…I write about my mom at The Lemon Bar Queen. Will enjoy getting to know you through your writing. I live in Minneapolis but spent a lot of time in Fargo.

    • Great! I’ll follow your blog, too! My goal with writing about my experience isn’t to depress people. It’s to get the people who haven’t endured a dementia journey to at least sort of understand so that we can start getting the funding needed for the research that will lead to real efficacious treatments, not just ones that kinda, sorta work. Thanks for reading, Jodi!

  3. Jane Beauclair on said:

    I’m not replying to the above story. Just letting you know that I just read your Forum article on Caregivers. Thank you for such a supportive article. My mom, at 99, started Alzheimers’ in mid-Dec. and although in a nursing home since late June, it is still heartbreaking watching her decline. I feel lucky I have moved back to Bismarck so that I can spend 2 hours with her daily. You are right, that our govt. just doesn’t understand the importance of more funding for this disease. I will also support the Young Champions. Sincerely, Jane Beauclair

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